Research Overview

Research Overview

The ALTG is Australia and New Zealand’s lung and thoracic cancer clinical research group and aims to develop and conduct high quality, clinically relevant investigator-led clinical trials. The ALTG forms part of Lung Foundation Australia’s wider strategy of supporting research to improve outcomes for those living with a lung disease. The Lung Foundation has a commitment to supporting research across all lung disease, including lung cancer and, by 2020, aims to contribute $5 million annually to research for lung disease.

Some of the ALTG’s contributions to lung cancer research:

  • Seven Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials have been completed, initiated by the ALTG and/or as intergroup collaborations
  • The first ALTG-led Phase III study will open both locally and internationally in 2020
  • A healthy pipeline of new clinical trial concepts is being actively developed through regular workshops
  • The group has also reviewed and endorsed eleven clinical research studies in lung cancer that have been led and completed by collaborating groups and involving ALTG membership support of patient enrolment

Some of the ALTG’s key areas of focus for the future are:

  • Broadening the group’s portfolio of trials to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of lung cancer care
  • Providing opportunities for more members to participate in the ALTG’s research and educational activities
  • Establishing flexible and efficient processes that enable rapid development and decision-making in relation to new clinical trial concepts and studies to be initiated

Find out about ALTG clinical trials and review ALTG achievements in the ALTG Research Report 2004-2016