Information on clinical trials

For more information about clinical trials and how they work, visit the Cancer Australia’s page on “What is a clinical trial?” They also have a glossary that may help you navigate the information you are picking up.

The section Our Research will also give you further information about ALTG research and clinical trials supported by ALTG.

Patient support

The Lung Foundation Australia has a patient support page on their website. They offer multiple services such as

    • Free, confidential telephone support groups for lung cancer patients at any stage of their illness. If you would like to connect with other people in a similar situation, Free Call 1800 654 301.
    • One-to-one telephone support and information, Free Call 1800 654 301.

The Cancer Council Australia has a number of publications on their website that provide helpful information on Living with cancer.

On the GRACE website you can post questions and a Medical Oncologist will repy within 24 hours. This website provides constantly updated, interactive and expert-mediated discussion of the details of cancer management.

Lungevity is a Lung Cancer Support Community with an online forum as well as useful links and survivor stories.

Consumer organisations

Consumer organisations offer support, information and advocacy for people living with cancer and carers.