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NHMRC Consultation Report – Clinical Trials Ready

In June 2015 the ALTG provided input into an NHRMC consultation on Clinical Trials Ready, a proposed initiative to recognise clinical trial sites that are “ready, willing and able” to carry out high quality clinical trials in a timely, transparent and efficient manner.  NHMRC has released a report on the consultation that details the findings and next steps and is available on the NHMRC website at https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/research/clinical-trials/nhmrc-clinical-trials-initiatives/development-clinical-trials-ready-initiat

NHMRC will be setting up a Clinical Trials Ready development committee to consider existing clinical trial site recognition schemes, what is required in Australia, the requirements of sponsors, and to produce a draft scheme that can be trialled with several, and varied, clinical trial sites to ensure feasibility.