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    November 20

Clinical Trial Concept Development Working Groups

Clinical Trial Concept Development Working Groups

In July 2019, the Management Advisory Committee (MAC) decided to move to 3 working groups for clinical trial concept development, with every concept undergoing review by the Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP), the supportive care panel, the Health economics technical service (CREST) and the Quality of Life Office. The 3 working groups are:

  1. Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
  2. Advanced NSCLC
  3. Mesothelioma, Small Cell Lung Cancer, and other thymic cancers

Following feedback from the supportive care group, this group will evolve to an advisory panel that reviews all concepts for the potential to incorporate supportive care.

Expressions Of Interests (EOIs) are now open to the general membership to join the working groups. The role of the working groups is to review clinical trial concepts, assess the feasibility and scientific merit, and to identify priority areas for research. In addition, participation in a working group is an entry point into further leadership roles in the Australasian Lung Cancer Trials Group (ALTG) and plays an integral role in maintaining the ALTG clinical trial pipeline.  It is anticipated that each working group will meet at least twice a year, with one of these likely to be a face to face meeting held in conjunction with another face to face ALTG meeting. The first meetings are expected to be at the Australian Lung Cancer Conference 2020 (ALCC). The frequency of working group meetings will be driven by the requirement for review of clinical trial concepts. Each working group is aiming to comprise of individuals with speciality knowledge in radiation oncology, medical oncology, palliative care, cardiothoracic surgery, respiratory physicians, nursing, research, allied health and consumer representatives. Interested members should nominate to working groups in order of preference through the EOI form found here. Members will be limited to participating in two groups.