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  1. 4th ALTG Preceptorship in Lung Cancer, Melbourne, VIC

    August 17 - August 18

ALTG 13/003 Rekindle: testing an online resource to promote sexual wellbeing for both patients and their partners

Studies have estimated that between 40-100% of cancer survivors experience negative sexual changes after treatment. Changes to sexuality can lead to psychological and emotional distress for not only survivors, but also their partners, impacting their long-term quality of life. Together, The University of Sydney and Cancer Council NSW are recruiting into an exciting new research study for people who have had cancer and their partners. The Rekindle study aims to investigate and address concerns about sexuality after cancer. The first of its kind, Rekindle is an evidence-based online resource that allows users to choose the level of information that they would like about various principles relating to sexual wellbeing.

Rekindle is a randomised control trial that aims to determine which modality of Rekindle is most feasible and encourages greater completion of the prescribed intervention, and demonstrate the efficacy of Rekindle to improve sexual satisfaction. Participants are randomised into three conditions: Rekindle, Rekindle Plus (Rekindle plus three phone calls), and the Attention Control condition.

At 1 July 2015 166 participants had been recruited via 30 sites nationally and Cancer Council NSW supportive care activities. The overall recruitment target is 500.

For information or to request materials, contact Amelia Beaumont, Rekindle Project Manager, atamelia.beaumont@sydney.edu.au