Committees and Meeting Dates

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Management Advisory Committee (MAC) Meetings

By teleconference unless otherwise specified


  • February 10 Strategy Planning Meeting (Face-to-Face)
  • May 29
  • August 7
  • November 6 Strategy Planning Meeting (Face-to-Face)

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Meetings

By teleconference unless otherwise specified


  • January 23 SAC Executive
  • February 27 SAC
  • April 3 SAC Executive
  • May 22 SAC
  • June 26 SAC Executive
  • July 31 SAC
  • September 4 SAC Executive
  • October 23 SAC
  • November 27 SAC Executive

MAC Members

The affairs of the ALTG are overseen by the MAC.

Nick PavlakisPresident
Paul MitchellPast President
Ben SolomonSAC Chair
Cameron HunterTreasurer
Laird CameronNZ Representative
Rajesh ThomasEarly Career Representative
Sara McLaughlin-BarrettAllied Health/ Nursing 
Melissa MooreMedical Oncology
Peter AllcroftPalliative Care Medicine
Shankar Siva Radiation Oncology 
Emily StoneRespiratory Medicine 
Morgan WindsorThoracic Surgery

SAC Members

The SAC is an advisory committee to the MAC. The SAC assists investigators in the development of new study proposals, oversees ongoing studies and advises the MAC on scientific matters that may arise.

Ben SolomonChair
Tom JohnDeputy Chair
Nick PavlakisPresident
Paul Mitchell Past President 
Fraser Brims, Annette McWilliamsSubgroup Co-Chairs, Early Diagnosis and Screening
Craig Lewis, Ken O'ByrneSubgroup Co-Chairs, NSCLC
Chee Lee, Michael MillwardSubgroup Co-Chairs, SCLC
Steven Kao, Anna NowakSubgroup Co-Chairs, Mesothelioma
Haryana Dhillon, Michael FrancoSubgroup Co-Chairs, Supportive and Palliative Care
TBDConsumer Advisory Panel Representatives
Martin StocklerData Centre Representative, Clinical
Ann Livingstone, Kate SawkinsData Centre Representative, Operations
Chris BrownData Centre Representative, Statistics
Peey Sei Kok, Antony MersiadesResearch Fellow
Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.