ALTG Membership benefits include:

  • Access to a professional network for lung and thoracic cancer research, including clinicians, nursing staff, industry affiliates and consumer representatives
  • Support for the development of investigator-initiated studies
  • ALTG quarterly newsletter

Membership is open to Australian and New Zealand medical and non-medical people active and interested in the conduct of Australasian trials in lung and thoracic cancer. The ALTG is available to investigators for the development of research ideas or trial concepts in the area of lung and thoracic cancer.

ALTG Membership Application

Please complete the following form and nominate two current ALTG members to endorse your application. Your membership request will be emailed to the Management Advisroy Committee and you will be advised when your application is successful. Membership is free and does not need to be renewed annually.

The ALTG respects your privacy and will ensure the confidentiality of all personal information.

The ALTG requires two current members to endorse you for membership. If you do not know any ALTG members please complete and the secretariat will seek endorsees from the group.